General Information

Active matter has become a paradigm of a new class of non-equilibrium systems where energy injection and dissipation take place at the scale of individual units (e.g. birds, bacteria, and synthetic Janus particles). Being driven away from thermal equilibrium, active systems exhibit a wealth of new phenomena that require conceptually new approaches.  In addition to the fundamental interest of the subject, active matter physics has applications ranging from biology to the development of smart and reconfigurable materials.

The workshop “Physics of Active Matter”, taking place in Viña del Mar, Chile, on July 15-17, 2019, will focus on general topics in active matter physics, with an emphasis on the statistical mechanics of active systems and on applications to biology and synthetic active materials.  It will consider questions such as collective and emergent behavior, topological properties, thermodynamics, and mesoscale descriptions.

This workshop aims to gather about 40 scientists to present and discuss recent advances in active matter. There will be a small number of invited talks by leaders in the field and contributed talks and posters by scientists and students from Latin-America and abroad.

Physics of Active Matter is a Statphys 2019 satellite meeting, taking place in the week immediately after Statphys (Buenos Aires, Argentina).